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What should I charge for my workshop?

Estimate how much you will spend on consumable goods per student and charge only that amount. Students are expected to bring their own school supplies every week.

Reimbursable Not reimbursable
  • worksheets*
  • art or craft supplies
  • ingredients or food
  • experiment materials
  • pencils & paper
  • scissors
  • crayons & markers
  • glue

*You may charge $0.10 per page for printouts or copies made at home (no receipt is needed for printouts but please estimate how many pages and the total on your reimbursement form).

Sample Class Fees**

English or Math class that mainly uses handouts $2 - $5
Drawing class w/ some supplies provided $4 -  $8
Hands-on academic class (some projects or food) $7 - $12
3D Art class $10 - $20
Science class with experiments $10 - $20


**Any course that costs more than $20 per student needs prior approval from the board.

What can not be reimbursed?

You may not be reimbursed for anything that can be reused such as packaged curricula or education sets.

Example: If you buy a biology curriculum for $150 and expect to have 10 students in your class, you may NOT charge $15 per student to cover the cost of the curriculum. (See why below.)

  • You may charge for lab kits or experiment materials that can only be used once.
  • If you are using materials that will suffer wear and tear (e.g. glassware in a lab kit, LEGO set pieces, Snap Circuit wires, etc.) you may charge a usage fee of about 10% the cost of the kit per semester.
  • If something is broken from your kit during one of your classes, you may buy a replacement part and submit the receipt. But please keep in mind that the total reimbursement can never exceed the amount collected for the class.

Tips to keep classes cost effective:

  • Ask parents to contribute supplies. If your class uses common art, craft, kitchen, or household objects such as construction paper, a glue gun, baking soda, garage hardware (screws, nails, scrap wood), a hot plate, etc., make a list and ask each family to bring one or two items.
  • Ask on our Facebook group! I have never seen a FB request go unanswered.
  • Ask families to buy their own textbooks. PLEASE include this on your course description, however, so parents know up front the full cost of a class.

Why can’t I be reimbursed for this expensive curriculum?

CWF is a non-profit organization. Members cannot benefit (materially or financially) from their participation in the co-op.

  • A curriculum can be resold after a class is over so if the students have already paid for it via class fees then the parent "profits" from having taught the class. 
  • We do not wish to put our non-profit status in jeopardy!

For this reason we also cannot allow professional parents to teach courses for profit or sell their goods/services as part of co-op operations.

  • We do, however, encourage parents to advertise their businesses or outside fundraising efforts in the parents’ room.
  • Feel free to to leave flyers, samples, or order forms on the back table for parents to look over during their off-hour.

Thanks for helping keep CWF fun and affordable for all our families!