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Before completing your registration, please review our CWF Member Handbook to find out what is expected of all CWF Families.

We also require that all members sign a Statement of Faith, Photo Release, and a Waiver & Release of Liability. Links to those forms will appear on the bottom of your registration confirmation page. Please complete those forms before closing the confirmation page!

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Payment Instructions

Payment Instructions:

For co-op families:

A deposit in the amount of $65 is due before you can register for classes & workshops. In addition to the deposit, a $65 membership fee as well as any class supply fees are due before the first day of classes. Your statement total will be displayed at the top of the CWF webpage when you login. (If you see a $30 invoice on your account right after your membership is approved, please wait to pay until it is changed to $65. $30 is what we charge to join the social group only.)

For social group families:

$30 is due at the time of joining. After that, payments will be due twice a year on June 1st (Fall semester) and November 1st (Spring semester). If you join after IDs have been issued (sometime in September) or after Yearbooks have been ordered (sometime in April) then payment is waived until the next semester (IDs are only issued in September. If you join after that time and would like IDs, a one time fee of $5 per ID will apply). 

Payment Options:

  1. Send electronic payment through PayPal to [email protected] (or click on the button below).

  2. Give check or cash to the treasurer, Heather Risdon, at CWF. Please put cash in a clearly marked, sealed envelope.

  3. Mail check made out to CWF to:
    • Heather Risdon
    • 109 Briarwood Dr.
    • Gilberts, IL 60136

Payment Options